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This Zoo's Animal Weigh-In Is The Most Fun Anyone Has Had With A Scale In Ages

Every year, the ZSL London Zoo has to weigh and measure 20,166 animals, from giant gorilla to tiny tree frog. The BBC reports that ZSL's zoological manager Mark Habben said it's an important way to keep track of an animal's general health. It's probably a tedious task at certain points for the many staff members who have to put every bat on a scale, but for us it's just freaking adorable:

Here's the extended cut from the zoo's Facebook page:

Annual weigh-in at ZSL London Zoo

The weight is over…⚖️ Penguin chicks, squirrel monkeys and gorillas are just some of the creatures who had their vital statistics recorded at Zoo’s annual weigh-in today!

Posted by ZSL London Zoo on Thursday, August 24, 2017

The hardest part is probably getting the beasts to cooperate. They engage some of them with toys to get them to stand up next to a measuring stick, while penguins are lured onto a scale with fish, squirrel monkeys try to grab a blue ball on a stick, and the bigs guys are guided onto scales disguised as patches of grass:


Though some of these cuties will stand on their own:


They all look like the perfect size for hugging and squeezing to me.