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23 Animals Who Are Ready For Bath Time

My dog likes pretty much everything. People? Check. Plants? Sure. Soft things to sleep on? Like you even need to ask. Really there is only one thing she activity hates. Baths.

She's terrified of them, which I don't really understand. First off, baths are great. Secondly, what terrible and traumatic thing could have possibly made her hate baths? I've been there for most of them, and they seemed to go fine. 

 I guess it's something she and the following animals are going to need to agree to disagree on. 

1. Whee!
Owl having a bath in the sink from aww
2. Splish splash!
Taking a bath from aww
3. This isn't so bad.
Rescued Pit Bull having his first bath from aww
4. He's getting the hang of it.
Polar bear getting a bath from aww
5. Dancing in the shower.
Have you ever seen a bird so happy to have a bath? from aww
6. How un-cat.
My cat likes to take baths with me. from aww
7. How'd I do?
Bath with mom from aww
8. Keep moving me like that.
Bath time!
9. Is it over?
Roscoe's first bath
10. Can you grab that towel?
Husky Puppy Just Out The Bath from aww
11. I'm ready.
It's bath time!
12. Well, that was fun. Let's never do that again.
Corgi pup's first bath!
13. Lover of sea and air.
This is mango, my hot-baths-lover-lovebird, she turned 1 yesterday!
14. Bath toys help.
Bath time for Monkey from aww
15. Gotta make sure to get everywhere.
This little guy really enjoys his sink bath from aww
16. Bath buddy.
Giving human a bath from aww
17. Wake me when it's over.
I wish my dog was this good during bath time. from aww
18. This is the life.
Relaxing tub massage bath time for this lovely Golden. from aww
19. Come on in. Water's fine.
He really enjoys baths from aww
20. I thought this lake would be bigger.
Ducklings having a bath from aww
21. After an exhausting day of frolicking.
Bunny gets a bath.
22. What are you looking at?
Adorable ferret taking a bath from aww
23. We can fit.
Bath Time from aww