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This Dog's Face After Visiting The Vet Might Be The Best Expression Of All Time

Dogs usually hate going to the vet. One of the ongoing internet dog jokes is how people feel horrible about having to trick their pets into going to the doctor. Not cool.

But there are some benefits to taking your dog to the vet, especially for surgery. And it's that sweet, sweet expression of out-of-this-world sensation that comes as a result of their puppy painkillers. 


I don't know why I get so much joy watching animals stumble around like discombobulated humans after they've had one too many indulgences, but it's just funny to watch.

And this puppy's face, posted by Reddit user Schmerbert has to have one of the best high faces on a dog, ever.


Just look at that lolling tongue. Those bugged out eyes. What plane of enlightenment has this pupper reached right now? What mental nirvana? Has he met dog buddha? I wish I was in that puppy's head right now.

Redditors, of course, appreciated the amazing picture and had some quips to make about the stoned pup.

While some found his face way too easy to relate to.

Others feared for his safety.

But if the dog's high was anything like a human's high, then he probably got extra lovey dovey.

Great, I want to get high with animals now.