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These Festive Dogs Had A Very Nice Christmas

You know who loves Christmas? Dogs. That's because they love everything.

And dog owners love sharing the holiday season with their dogs. They get to give their dogs toys, and treats, and maybe another dog. In return the dogs give back all the same things they normally contribute. It is kind of a lopsided arrangement but it seems to work. 

The one and only new thing they give is the chance to take cute, festive pictures of them, and that may be the greatest gift of all. 

1. Chillin' with Santa.
2. Lil' stocking stuffer.
3. Double trouble this holiday season.
4. We ate Santa's cookies.
5. When is Santa getting here?
6. Have you met the Elf on the Shelf?
7. I hear someone on the roof!
8. Have you seen this?
9. When your dog is a decoration.
10. Keeping cozy.
11. The greatest gift of all.
12. Oh? Is that today?
13. I want it!
14. Santa brought you snow!

My first snow!!! Merry Christmas everyone ✨

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