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This Sweet Dog Gets So Worried When His Owner Takes A Shower He Brings A Comfort Toy

Animals don't really understand our habits, but they're generally supportive. Especially dogs, unless you're riding something with wheels. A lot of them hate that. But one thing some pets don't get is our desire to clean ourselves all over with disgusting water. So gross.

Twitter user @RudeWeaver posted photos of their dog bringing some emotional support to the harrowing shower experience. Apparently, Clark the dog hates baths, so he figured his human probably needs a fun toy to get through the experience of washing. He very graciously loaned one of his own:

Here's the face of initial concern:


The deposit:


And the hopeful check-in:


"Are you okay?" his eyes beg to know. Ow, my heart.

People are sharing their brave and helpful doggo stories:

And at least one brave shower cat:

The votes are unanimous: We don't deserve dogs.

Clark seems very excited by all the attention:

For some reason, there are a lot of people arguing about this video, so @RudeWeaver stepped in to explain stuff:

This wonderful dog isn't playing. We don't deserve these good boys.