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These Two Abandoned Desert Dogs Are Now Traveling The World

Nothing like a story about animals finding a good home, and this one will also incorporates a cute guy and lots of travel photos. Zeus and Sedona are two dogs who were found in the Arizona desert by a man named Jordan Kahana in late 2016. Bored Panda reports that Kahana found the puppers all dehydrated and apparently abandoned, and quickly decided to make them a part of his crew.

Look at these sweet, suspicious boys:

They're much more happy now:

Together, Kahana, Zues, and Sedona have visited 35 states and seem to be on track to hit a few more. 

It looks like they've been in almost every type of landscape:

This would all be enthralling enough, but Kahana is also kind of a babe?

Unfortunately for thirsty Instagram followers, he also seems to be taken. It's one big happy dog family!

But we can still enjoy everything this account has to offer: beautiful views in every direction and dogs.

Look how far they've come.