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Girl Buys Her Tiny Hamster A Bed So They Can Do Everything Together

Girl Buys Her Tiny Hamster A Bed So They Can Do Everything Together
Updated 4 months ago

Having a small rodent pet can be a little tricky when it comes to activities.

Sure, you could get them one of those little balls, and they're awesome, especially if you can get creative with some sweet modifications.

But what if you have a chill hamster or gerbil and don't feel like hearing them scurry around in a ball all day? What if they just want to chill comfortably with you without having to sit around in a plastic cylinder?

Well this one Twitter user came up with a cozy and surprisingly effective solution: TINY HAMSTER BED.

I mean just look at this adorableness.

I mean look how comfortable they are watching (pet appropriate) movies.

Eat those carrots you little squish floof.

Now hamsters aren't known to just chill in one spot, which is a why a lot of people on Twitter were in awe of the little guy's chill nature.

But as it turns out, he's just a really chill hamster.

People couldn't get enough of the munchkin's cuteness.

Some people shared pics of their more rambunctious little furballs.

But mostly people just wanted to know where they could get a tiny bed for their tiny pals.

I have to say, that little bed-loving hamster is probably the only pet I've ever seen sleep in a bed that was bought for him.

Wait, never mind, found one.