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This Man Ended Up Having To Escape The Injured Bird He Rescued

This Man Ended Up Having To Escape The Injured Bird He Rescued
1 month ago

Rescuing wild animals is a dangerous game. They do need care, but they are not usually on board with you about going to get it.

BBC reporter Matt Graveling tweeted about his adventure rescuing a red kite, which is a raptor bird with teeth and a beak to match. His first picture shows a sleeping stunned baby, and his last pic shows an angry demon. Here's the timeline as he describes it:

2:30pm - Driving to filming location  
2:45pm - Pick injured bird off the road and put in car.  
3:00pm - Unconscious bird wakes up.  
3:01pm - Escape from car  
3:02 - 6:29pm - Unable to get back in car. 
6:30pm - RSPCA turn up to take away the angry, injured bird.

But let's see it from the bird's perspective.

First, you're just sleeping:

You wake up a little confused and ruffled:

Now you're on the alert. WTF is happening?


People love this little dude's gumption, but a lot of animal rescuers are trying to give tips in the comments, in case anyone tries to do what Graveling did:

They're also swapping stories of their own successful swaps:

But most just have their jokes to share:

Bird is slang for a woman in the U.K. Honesty, if I woke up like that in someone's car, I'd scare them right out of the driver's seat, too.