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32 Incredible Details In Movies You Probably Missed On Your First Viewing

I love going to the movies. In the past three weeks I have been to the theater five times, which was as great as it was expensive. I also enjoy rewatching movies to catch all the details I missed the first time. 

Thankfully we live in an era where I'm not the only one who does this. Plenty of other people passionately rewatch films and share their discoveries with the world. Good thing they do, too, because they are way better at finding these things than I am. 

So check out their discoveries. None of them are mine, but I at least discovered their discoveries. That counts for something, right? 

1. What a role!
Pulp fiction from MovieDetails
2. Time travel has all sorts of consequences.
In Back to the Future the name of the mall changes when Marty goes into the past and runs over one of the two trees from MovieDetails
3. So that's where he got that from.
Heath Ledger's Joker from The Dark Knight wears a mask similar to the one worn by Cesar Romero's Joker in his introductory appearance in the 1960's TV Show Batman. from MovieDetails
4. He seemed to turn out OK.
Sid from Toy Story is the garbage man in Toy Story 3.
5. They need to get the truth out there.
At the end of “Frozen”, Disney included a statement about Kristoff’s belief that all men eat their own boogers from MovieDetails
6. Not his thumb, but still cool.
Jokers thumb on the hammer in the Dark Knight from MovieDetails
7. They're not wrong.
In the end credits of Airplane! they added a "worst boy" from MovieDetails
8. Of course it destroyed the world.
In "I Am Legend" which takes place in the 2010's, there is an advertisement for a Batman vs. Superman movie. from MovieDetails
9. The real hero of the trilogy.
All 3 Peter Jackson cameo appearances in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. from MovieDetails
10. She is one smart lady.
[Captain America: The Winter Soldier] - Natasha instinctively shoots the glass so that it can be dived through with ease from MovieDetails
11. That would leave a mark.
In Hot Fuzz, you can see Angel's scar from where he was stabbed by a man in a Santa costume who was played by Peter Jackson from MovieDetails
12. Get ready!
Iron Man's HUD switching to battle mode in the Avengers from MovieDetails
13. Someone's gotta finish that game.
14. You'd think they'd be able to get more than one car. It's a big place.
In Jurassic World the Jeep used to escape was the same jeep that brought people in Jurassic Park from MovieDetails
15. Very subtle, Bruce.
In The Dark Night, Bruce Wayne drives a Lamborghini Murciélago. Murciélago means "bat" in Spanish. from MovieDetails
16. And people say these movies are dumb...
In Batman v Superman and Man of Steel the same moment lines up across both movies. from MovieDetails
17. Thanks!
Credits from The Naked Gun 2 1/2 explaining what a grip is. from MovieDetails
18. It's a glitch.
The Matrix used multiple sets of twins in the scene with the woman in red to create the feeling of a copy and paste world. from MovieDetails
19. The hero we deserve.
In the intro of Watchmen, history was altered when the original Nite Owl saved the lives of Bruce Wayne's parents. from MovieDetails
20. Is this wrong?
The streets of Paris in Team America: World Police are made with croissants. from MovieDetails
21. That's a weird way for people to be standing unless... oh.
Fun detail from the credits of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban from MovieDetails
22. C'mon. Watch the news, Tony!
News report in The Incredible Hulk (top) shows up at the end of Iron Man 2 (bottom) from MovieDetails
23. You don't need to watch the movie after this but you probably should.
24. That is a lot of buttons for just two values.
In WALL-E when he comes across the typing robot, the robot's keyboard is all binary from MovieDetails
25. Weird place for cat ears but this checks out.
Catwoman from MovieDetails
26. It's your robe, ya dummy.
27. Seems about right.
In Toy Story, the floor in Sid's room has the same pattern as the floor from The Shining. from MovieDetails
28. Well, there you go!
I always found it odd how every alien species in the MCU spoke English. This scene in GOTG has "translator implant" listed as enhancements for Quill.
29. Oh-ho! I see what you did there.
In The Shawshank Redemption, Red calls Andy’s dream of going to Zihuatanejo “a shitty pipe dream.” from MovieDetails
30. All worlds are connected.
31. Why else would she keep her fruit like that?
Foreshadowing on desk that Einhorn is a man! from MovieDetails
32. So she got the job after all. Good for her.
Connecting pulp fiction and kill bill in one conversation. from MovieDetails