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A Teen Accidentally Scared Her Neighbors Just By Being A 'Supernatural' Fangirl

A Teen Accidentally Scared Her Neighbors Just By Being A 'Supernatural' Fangirl
Updated 7 months ago

 Kellie Burkhart, a Tennessee teenager, loves the television show Supernatural. She even has a cardboard cutout of Jensen Ackles, who plays Dean Winchester on the show, in her bedroom. 

 This inadvertently, however, ended up freaking out her next door neighbor. “I’m tired of being scared of whatever is in your kids creepy window,” he wrote. 

 Apparently, a cardboard cutout of a person seen in your bedroom window just looks like a person ceaselessly staring out of that window. You know, in a serial killer way.  

 "I'm not sure how long it has been scaring the neighbor, but it must have been a long time because the cut out of Dean has been in my window for months,” Burkhart said to BuzzFeed. "It was unintentional to scare the neighbor of course, it was just the best place to put it in my room." 

 Burkhart thought that the situation was funny, but she felt some sympathy for her neighbor, too. "When he showed me we both laughed together and I started feeling a bit bad for the neighbor considering the cut-out does look really realistic," she said. 

 Now, she has taken steps to avoid having the creepiest house in her neighborhood. "It is still in there, but for the sake of the neighbors I closed the blinds," she said. 

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