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The Cast Of 'Jersey Shore' Is Returning To Television--And People Are Popping Off

In December of 2009, a plague was cast upon MTV. Yes, the music television channel that's long abandoned music news and opted for reality TV managed to outdo itself with Jersey Shore.

The show's cast of somehow likable characters was based on the wonderful premise of every other reality TV show on the network: watching young people make poor life choices, party, and massive amounts of alcohol consumption.

We couldn't help but watch, until we got tired of the shtick. It was too much shore too fast. Every summer ends, and so did the show. But that doesn't mean the network isn't actively trying to recreate the magic of the first Jersey Shore.

The news broke on Twitter with this ten second commercial spot that didn't really give much away.

Cast members tweeted about the news.

And if anyone wanted the drama of Sammi on the upcoming Jersey Shore: Family Vacation show, then they're going to be sorely disappointed.

People are stoked to finally see their favorite tri-state party animals back on TV again.

Even self-professed haters have to admit they're probably going to tune in.

Me included.