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These Very Unlikely Events Will Make You Stop Believing In Probability

When I was working as a math teacher, there was one afternoon where I was working with a student on probability. I asked him what I thought was a simple question. If I roll a six-sided dice, what are the odds it will land on five? His answer was five. I tried explaining to him that only one side of the six sides says five, so the answer is one of six. We spent a solid half-hour debating whether or not the chances were one out of six or five out of six.

We discussed it for so long, I no longer know if I was right. What is important is that sometimes I see things that seem so unlikely, so improbable that I can't believe what I am seeing. I would assume that someone dropping a ball off of a bridge into a basketball hoop has a one in a billion chance of happening, but it has happened, so can it really be that uncommon? I don't even know how dice work any more!

Please send help.

These two strangers sitting next to each other on a plane.
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Bread is an excellent frisbee.
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You better buy a lotto ticket with those numbers!
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Who's going to get that ball now?
World record for the highest basketball shot ever broken on only the third attempt
How can someone be so good at two different sports?
Not only is Michael Phelps the most decorated Olympian of all time, he also holds the record for the longest televised putt.
Did you see that? Oh, right.
Did he mean to do it? from nevertellmetheodds
He meant to do that, right?
"I don't always go bowling. But when I do..."
He's really good at hacky sack.
No words needed
Way to go, Facebook algorithm.
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Nice catch.
Lad catches a pint thrown to him by a rival football fan from across the platform
She didn't stick the landing, though.
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That face is correct.
Welcome to the future ladies and gentleman
What a twist!
The luck of the irish
C'mon! Get on, D!
With 15 seconds left, a goalkeeper ties the game with a behind-the-back no-looksies back-heel volley from nevertellmetheodds
The wind says you're welcome...
Amazing round-trip paper airplane flight
I gasped.
Motorcyclist does front flip onto the roof of a car.
Oh, sure. Like you weren't trying to do that.
Unexpected bottle flips are the best bottle flips
This could have ended really badly.
Toss me a cold one
Now you are just showing off.
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Not what you were going for. Still impressive.
Right between the uprights
I'm sure you're nice people, but also I hate you.
Couple wins lottery for the third time from nevertellmetheodds
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She makes it look so simple.
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My house. My rules. That counts.
Impossible odds set the stage for amazing miracles.
World's greatest golfer?
Guy nails a ridiculous disk golf shot at a tournament
How did you have so much time to practice this?
Lazy Skills from nevertellmetheodds
Still counts!
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How was this not planned?
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Ha! I get it.
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If you see it with your own eyes, I guess you have to believe it, right?