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Twitter Shares The Worst Times To Interrupt Someone And It's Too Real
11 months ago

You know what is interesting? Everyone agrees that interrupting someone is a rude thing to do. There also seems to be a general consensus that, by and large, people are rude on the Internet. However, it is impossible to interrupt someone on the Internet.

Think about it. You can only comment or reply to something once you have seen all of it. You can't take over a Reddit comment mid-post and tell the poster why you think they're wrong. You have to wait until the end to do that. It's a small thing, sure, but something that we should all be grateful for. 

That being said, it seems like Twitter users are trying to change that. They seem pretty far off but, even so, let's still appreciate what we have while we still have it. 

Nailed it.
Don't stop me now!
Great. Now we have to start the track over.
Take your time.
It is too relaxing to deal with your nonsense.
What could be more important?
Don't drag me back into the real world!
The door is locked for a reason!
She'll start over.
Wow. This got intense.
Do you have any idea how difficult this is?
She'll go Batman on you.
Nothing takes priority over Angry Birds.
What do you think the needles are for?
It was just getting good.
So that's fiction, right?
That's how people get hurt.
Do you, though?
Interrupting is the opposite of what I want you to do.
I'll stay quiet, then.
How about you help instead?
Seems pretty obvious.
Now, I'm in my bad place again.
It'll only make me judge you more.
This is the rudest thing you could possibly do.