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These Hilariously Bad Graphs Are More Confusing Than Helpful

I'm a visual learner, so I love a good graph. I find them to be the best way to simply get across a complicated idea. Well, most of the time I think that.

Sometimes the people who make graphs don't share my passion and end up making something that is just confusing. For example, don't use a pie graph to show progression. You are an adult. You should know that. 

I think seeing a bad graph is like seeing a dolphin on fire. I can't even imagine what events led here but I am still very angry and upset at the outcome. Don't need a graph to show that. 

I wonder if the person who made this will be going to college.
This graph in a high school year book from CrappyDesign
Why use a calendar when you could use a bar graph!!! from CrappyDesign
So the hot is less hot than the cold? Okay.
This temperature graph from GIGABYTE from CrappyDesign
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And people say college is pointless.
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Checks out.
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Speaking of trash...
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How about some other colors?
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Again, how about other colors?
Remember... There's only 256 web safe colors so don't make this graph too crazy. from CrappyDesign
I think I know what the color-blind feel like... from CrappyDesign
I know you were trying to make a tree here, but at what cost?
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Not all data needs graphs.
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I see what you are doing, winter.
Not sure who made this bar graph but they should be fired. from CrappyDesign
Someone just threw up on your graph.
This graph from an academic paper from CrappyDesign
How hard it is to make the line the right length? And why use a bar graph at all?
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Don't print graphs on stairs.
Bar graph on stairs from CrappyDesign
Thanks for clearing that up.
This Perfectly Readable Graph From A News Story from CrappyDesign
You could have just written "everywhere."
This graph on wasp concentration in the U.S. from CrappyDesign
Maybe don't use color if you can't print in color.
Real informative graph in today's paper. from CrappyDesign
New York did poorly, I think.
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Maybe make the graph bigger?
Graph of th̷͇͙͓ͣ̑͊̈ͬ͞e̮̟̣̙̪̝ͤ͛ ͮ̄͢҉̰̩̱̘̝̹̞͟ḓ̢̩̩͚̫̝̭̼̌̅͒̀͡a̸ͩ͏̸̘͔̣̝̱̣y̶̰̯̗͕ͮ̒ from CrappyDesign
That is a lot of people.
This one has it all: pie chart instead of a bar graph, pie chart total is >100%, and it lists the margin of error as its source from dataisugly
Crazy how "not at all" is both the most and fewest.
My local news channel doesn't know how bar graphs work (X-post from r/funny) from dataisugly
The source is what bothers me the most here.
Graph showing average life expectancy of musicians according to genre, includes average life expectancy of Americans according to... Genre? from dataisugly
This would make more sense without the lines.
The Secret of Success from the Perspective of the Rich, Middle Class & Poor [OC] from dataisbeautiful
Can't tell if this is from a marketing meeting or a science textbook.
An insightful graph on innovation from dataisugly
You know what shape would make the most sense?
I found a parts-of-the-whole graph that is even more useless than a pie chart from dataisugly
That's it! I can't look at any more of these!
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