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These 29 Inanimate Objects With Faces Are Creeping Out The Internet

A few weeks ago, we wrote about a man with Pareidolia, a psychological phenomena where someone perceives a pattern where none exist. Oftentimes people see a face in what is actually just a tree or some rocks. 

Turns out, he wasn't the only one who does this. There are whole sections of the Internet where people post a picture and say, "Hey! This is a face, right?" Honestly, I'm not sure how you could see anything other than a face in some of these images. In some cases it is so prominent that it seems more likely that a house is really alive than just being the result of some glitch in the brain.

Have a look for yourself and tell me if these things are alive or not. 

1. The resemblance is uncanny.
My favorite Picture of Trump at his inauguration today from Pareidolia
2. I wonder what that other car is up to....
Suspicious vampire from Pareidolia
3. Just getting ready.
Grandma Caterpillar Putting on Lipstick from Pareidolia
4. Hehehehe.
Roof is high as fuck from Pareidolia
5. That's not a vegetable. That's a cartoon.
I grew a rare bell pepe. (x-post /r/gardening) from Pareidolia
6. The ice queen cometh.
Let her in from Pareidolia
7. C'mon. Stay together!
10/10 cosplay from Pareidolia
8. So that's where you've been, Nigel.
Huehuehue from Pareidolia
9. Little help?
Cactus doin' a little rock climbing. from Pareidolia
10. It's a ghost!
The garage door is staring at me from Pareidolia
11. Don't turn us off! Don't turn us off! Don't turn us off!
Little frightened guys from Pareidolia
12. Can't believe I have to deal with this.
My friends and I have been laughing at the left car for hours. from Pareidolia
13. Grow up, Washing Machine.
Silly washing machine from Pareidolia
14. We all know Zoidberg would eat these shoes.
Heels? Why not zoidberg? from Pareidolia
15. I don't eat things with faces.
"Please, leave me alone..." from Pareidolia
16. He was once the Guardian of these woods.
This Tree Looks Like a Dragon from Pareidolia
17. Punk rock!
Up to no good. from Pareidolia
18. Don't even try it, pots!
The pots are plotting from Pareidolia
19. That elephant is a water bender.
Can you find the 2nd elephant in the water (hint)? from Pareidolia
20. What are you hiding?
Those boxes are up to something... from Pareidolia
21. The light reveals darkness.
I spotted this depressing scene on my ceiling last night from Pareidolia
22. Bleh!
Noticed this guy while attempting to take a selfie from Pareidolia
23. You want to get up when?
This Alarm Clock Is So Confused from Pareidolia
24. You call that lifting?
You came to the wrong neighborhood, motherfucker from Pareidolia
25. Who dares melt my fortress?
Frozen Titan waking up from Pareidolia
26. Don't wake him.
Sleeping Giant from Pareidolia
27. Om nom nom!
Spinach dip! from Pareidolia
28. Thanks!
I would rather fucking not... from Pareidolia
29. This is a happy home.
House is smile from Pareidolia