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Twitter's 19 Funniest Excuses To Get You Out Of Jury Duty

I served on a jury shortly after graduating college. It was fine, because I didn't have a job at that point and didn't have anything better to do. 

However, if you were to ask me today to serve on a jury I would do whatever I could to get out of it. I have too many other things on my plate to worry about small stuff, like the pursuit of justice. I could simply say that I don't think I can be impartial and that normally gets you off pretty quickly. But that seems boring so I think I'll use one of these more creative responses. 

1. Does the tapeworm get a say?
2. Do you want to go against the prophesy?
3. I think we're done here.
4. Everyone loves it when the jury jokes around.
5. This is how I react to the law.
6. What would you expect me to do?
7. Hahahahaha!
8. No touching!
9. Good job!
10. Meow meow meow.
11. I love pretending.
12. You'll get out of jury duty, but find yourself right back in the courtroom.
13. What? This is how we used to do it.
14. Go on. Quiz me.
15. How do you expect me to sit through this?
16. Oh boy.
17. He only writes in squiggles.
18. Sup?
19. Uh...