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Diddy Changed His Name Again And Twitter Can't Believe What He Chose

Diddy Changed His Name Again And Twitter Can't Believe What He Chose
7 months ago

Diddy has gone through a few stage-name changes. First, he was Puff Daddy, then P. Diddy. Then, just Diddy.

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So it wasn't really surprising that he announced he'd be changing his stage name yet again. Which, we get. Sometimes you outgrow your titles when you feel like you've reached a different stage in your life. 

What was surprising to some people, however, is that the artist formerly known as Diddy is now calling himself Brother Love.

Because Brother Love was totally an old-school WWE persona.

Yes, that red faced, white suit, Napoleon Dynamite-glasses rocking bundle of joy was a high-energy "manager" in the professional wrestling organization played by Bruce Prichard.

His whole gimmick was that of an over-the-top baptist Preacher, and if you've never seen him in action, well, look at his 1988 debut below.

People were quick to point out to Combs that his new moniker was already taken.

Including Prichard, who reminded the artist that he's the original Brother Love.

Of course, there were a flood of WWE-centric memes.

People were understandably angry.

While others got creative with Photoshop.

Some users were just stunned that Combs didn't think of the character before announcing the name change.

But maybe not everyone is a fan of obscure pro-wrestling personalities.