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'New Year New Me' Is The Internet's Latest Meme, And We're Feeling Attacked

4 months ago

Humans have an obsession with the calendar year. We give ourselves a certain amount of time to get something done and set up deadlines for ourselves. "I want to lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks, but I'll start fresh on Monday and countdown from there." Sound familiar? Because it sure as heck does to me.

I give myself the same clean eating pep talk about a million times and never follow through because in a moment of weakness, I will always reach for the free candy lying around a friend's house or succumb to the delicious banana nut bread my MIL just baked. 

The truth is, though, that there's nothing really stopping you from starting to build the life you want right now. I'm not trying to get all self-help-y right now, but it's true. Why do you need to start on a certain day to improve yourself? Why do we have "New Year's Resolutions"? Most of the time we're setting ourselves up for inevitable failure anyway. Which is probably why these "New Year, New Me" memes hit so close to home.

Let's be perfectly honest, none of us are "renewed" each and every year.

We've got the same imperfections.

The same laziness.

The same poor habits.

The same things plague us.

We can't escape who we are.

But a curious thing happens once you finally confront that uncomfortable fact of life.

All of your terrible flaws are laid out on the table.

So you have no choice but to react to them.

Because there's no greater jet fuel to propel you forward to an actual change.

Than the truth of who you really are.

So if you really want to transition out of who you currently are....

Realize that there's no way you can be a "new you" this year. You can only try and become the best version of yourself. So take all of those bad habits and transition them into something worth it.

Happy New Year.