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Costco Customer Snaps Photo Of Woman Trying To Return A Dead Christmas Tree In January

3 months ago

I get easily pressured into buying things at stores. I rarely know how to tell a salesperson "no."

I think I have a hard time doing so because I feel like I owe the sales person something for their time and I want to make sure they get a bit of money off a commission. I recently committed to a pair of $125 running shoes because the woman at the store did this crazy scan of my huge, flat feet.

Apparently, I overpronate the heck out of my ankles, something the saleswoman was nice enough to inform me of. And yes the shoes I tried on were perfect so what am I going to do, not buy them from her? I tried them out and so far they're good, but I'm gonna run in my old sneakers tonight and, well, if they don't fit the bill, I may need to face the shame of going into the store to return them.

I hate returning items. It's annoying and I feel guilty doing it, because I don't want people to hate or judge me, and I know that's no way to live life. But then, there are people on the complete other end of the spectrum who not only have no issue returning things they really don't need or want, but try to get away with returning items they totally shouldn't.

Like this woman who seemingly got her money back for a dead Christmas tree at a Costco in January.

Facebook user Scott Bentley was shopping at America's greatest retailer when he reportedly noticed the woman trying to get a refund for the tree well after Christmas.

He told his story about the brazen return attempt.

Bentley didn't really know how to feel about the whole thing, maybe she did need the money back.

As for the photograph Bentley took, he didn't even try to be inconspicuous while snapping it. 

If you're going to do something as bold as return a Christmas tree, you have to expect that some people are going to call you out for it?

People couldn't believe she had the audacity to try and get her money back for the dead tree.

The crazy news got people sharing their own "worst return" stories.

Apparently Costco customers are notorious for returning things that shouldn't be returned.

But honestly, cheapos are everywhere.

What do you think?