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25 Memes Everyone Who Is Pretty Basic Will Find Way Too Relatable

25 Memes Everyone Who Is Pretty Basic Will Find Way Too Relatable
4 months ago

People just don't seem to understand how difficult it is being basic. Though What Do You Meme? has done a pretty good job at summing up the trials and tribulations with their new Basic expansion pack

In case you've been living under a rock, What Do You Meme? is a hilarious new party game where you compete with your friends to combine images with their perfect caption. We decided to highlight some of the best combinations from the new expansion...

1. Congrats, girl! 

2. You didn't say there was going to be commitment... 

3. This is literally so relatable. 

4. But I brought pajamas... 

5. It does?! 

6. What am I supposed to do now?! 

7. Probably would have just regretted it any way...

8. Doing the lord's work. 

9. Bye, I guess. 

10. You go, girl! 

11. Hold me back. 

12. Guess i'm going to have to hide my hands for a week...

13. No. Stop that. 

14. We've been here for a week. 

15. I am a genius. 


17. Yassssssss. 

18. You don't get to see me in the light of day. 


20. And college expects ME to pay THEM?! 

21. I can't get within 50 yards. 

22. We're not even half way through! 

23. Time for five days of pain. 

24. It's Brittany, not Britney. 

25. Tell 'em, grandma! 

Want to make your own hilarious combinations? You can pick up What Do You Meme? on Amazon. And if you related to any of these, you should probably get the Basic expansion too