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Sean Spicer Tweeted A Blatant Lie On Twitter, And Got Caught Red-Handed

Sean Spicer was called out on Twitter on Wednesday.

The Press Secretary took to Twitter in an effort to drum up support for the Senate's Trumpcare bill by attacking Obamacare for the number of American's that remain uninsured.

However, Spicer failed to mention just how many MORE Americans would become uninsured if Trumpcare were to become law, not to mention how fewer uninsured Americans there are since Obamacare went into effect in 2010.

But Twitter wasted no time in reminding him:

Some even used visual aids, just in case:

They even fixed Spicer's graphic for him:

Twitter let Spicer have it:

They were pretty harsh:

The GIFs were in full force:

Better luck next time, Spicey: