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These Women Played Hilarious Pranks On Men Who Creeped Them Online

3 months ago

It seems like there's no way to stop men as a group from sending unsolicited pics or requesting nudes from women they barely know, but many ladies are taking them on one by one. Anyone faced with online or IRL harassment has strategies for avoiding difficult situations with creepers. Some are merely for safety, but some are also for kicks. If men won't leave us alone, we should at least get to have some fun. 

Here are some of the creative ways women have figured out how to deal with the weirdoes who won't take no for an answer—or who don't even bother asking first.

Show him what you'd prefer:

Take him on a magical journey:

Try an actually terrifying threat:

Get their girlfriend involved:

Or their mom:

Or just give them an old fashioned roasting:

Let them think they're gonna get what they want:

How about literally sending them on a trip to Buckingham Palace?

Or create an optical illusion:

Or try my favorite move of all: say no, and then block. Extremely satisfying.