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Folks Are Seeing Who Their Real Friends Are With One Simple Question

Folks Are Seeing Who Their Real Friends Are With One Simple Question
2 weeks ago

Twitter user @TrillxLove shared a short anecdote with her many followers that has everyone checking their phones. She says her boyfriend took her phone and texted all her friends. Okay, I don't like that, but she found the whole situation very funny:

Basically, he wanted to see if her friends would lie for her, and asked them if they'd been with @TrillxLove the night before. They weren't, because she was with her boyfriend. They ALL said yes, and now he's seemingly upset, because he can't monitor her behavior by stealing her phone and tricking her friends. Boo hoo.

I would for sure lie for my friends if they needed me to, but I don't think I am as quick as @TrillxLove's besties. If someone sent me a message like that, I'd be like, "No! Are you okay? Where are you now? Are you in the hospital? Help!!!!"

So don't text me in an emergency lie situation, friends.

But everyone is testing their own relationships right now to see who will come through in a desperate alibi scenario:

Okay, Janette is out.

But a shocking number of people knew exactly how to respond to, "I was with you last night, RIGHT?!"

But some people do not get it:

Others made up for it in detail:

No matter the distance, they were there for their friends (via text):

It's honestly an inspiring testament to friendship:

However, look out for brothers:

And mom: