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A Designer Responded To A Ridiculous 'Fat Shaming' Ad By Being Just As Ridiculous

2 years ago

Shopping app Wish recently decided that it would be a good idea to show off a pair of plus-size shorts on a thin model, who's essentially wearing one of the legs as a skirt. We don't know why they thought this would go down well, but they did...

After seeing the skirt, fashion designer Christina Ashman, of Interrobang Art & Fashion, decided to show just how crazy this kind of thing is by doing the same, but in reverse.

Ashman told the Daily Mail

"You don't sell clothes by shaming the target audience. It's fine if you're using a small model in small clothes, but to put a petite model in one leg of some plus-size shorts is just unnecessarily insulting.'
I just thought if they can put a whole petite woman in one leg of some plus-size shorts, then I should do the opposite and put one leg in a small skirt! I just wanted to highlight how absurd their marketing was."

And people of all shapes and sizes seem to be supporting Ashman.