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Grandma Accidentally Texts Teen Her Thanksgiving Plans And Now They're Friends

1 year ago

17-year-old Jamal Hinton was minding his own business one day, when he started getting notifications on his phone.

Turns out that Jamal was unknowingly brought into a group message session that included his "grandma" among other family members.

There was just one problem, Jamal had no idea who these people were. But he still thought maybe it was his own grandma sending out the message. So he asked for proof of identity. 

...and it turned out that "Grandma" on the text was indeed a grandma, just not his own.

He decided to send her a selfie back, but was still interested in her offer of a Thanksgiving meal. And like a true grandma, she couldn't deny him.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Jamal admitted that if he was invited to their house for some Thanksgiving goodness, he'll totally go. 

Hinton put the text convo up online, where people instantly loved his story and started retweeting it like crazy.

People really want Hinton and the mystery grandma to spend Thanksgiving together.

Others just found the whole exchange just too cute.

And of course there was much love and respect to all the grandmas out there.

Hinton decided to actually follow up with Grandma to see if he'll stop by for Thanksgiving. This could be the start of a beautiful holiday friendship.

 I really hope this happens and he keeps the rest of the internet updated. (h/t buzzfeed