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This Picture Of Jason Momoa And His Pint-Sized Bodyguards Put A Smile On People's Faces
1 year ago

Anyone who follows Game of Thrones' Jason Momoa knows that despite the intense roles he's repeatedly cast for, the guy himself is one of the down-to-earth celebrities off-screen.

At 6'4" and a lean on screen 214lbs, it's understandable why he can easily go from this:

To this, in a heartbeat.

Like other celebrities, he does need the occasional bodyguard escort to protect him from fans and drunk guys in Tapout shirts that swear they can armbar him to submission. The thing is, if you're a famous person that's towering over your bodyguards and that photo happens to make its way onto the net, well, you're going to get a few memes and some funny commentary.

Still 20 weeks to go until the new season of Game of Thrones hits.