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Girl Texts Classmate For Homework But Ends Up Dealing With His Paranoid Girlfriend Instead

1 year ago

People have mixed feelings about drama. On one hand, they enjoy it so much that humanity's lust for more drama created reality television so people could get their fix in half hour blocks.

On the other hand, most (normal) people can't stand it when some drama in someone else's life drags them along for the ride, especially when they're trying to get something done.

That's exactly what happened to Bianca when she was trying to get the second page of a homework assignment from one of her classmates who took her notes to complete his portion.

The conversation starts off on the wrong foot.

And gets worse as her classmate's girlfriend accuses her of trying to hit up her man for more than just homework.

Which led to Bianca making what seems to be a sound suggestion to the young lady working the other phone.

She posted the conversation on Twitter where it went viral because who doesn't love a healthy interaction between a crazy (possibly ex) girlfriend while you're just trying to get your work done, right?

Bianca had legitimate concerns regarding the matter.

She also promised an update 'in a few weeks' when she sees the guy again.

Everyone threw in their thoughts on the matter.

Even one of her friends' dads chimed in.

Will Seat 75's girlfriend break up with him? Did Bianca get an A on the assignment? Who will blame who for this exchange? Find out next time she meets with 'Seat 75' to get the update.