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Piers Morgan Forgets He Used To Love J.K. Rowling, Ends Up Eating His Words On Twitter

Piers Morgan and author J.K. Rowling have an ongoing beef on Twitter. And if you're wondering what kind of person would have a beef with Rowling, take a look at this litany of unpopular opinions of Morgan's

When the beloved author of one of the world's most popular book and movie franchises gets on your case, people are going to notice. Which is exactly how it played out when Rowling pointed out on Twitter how happy she was that Morgan was chewed out live on air. 

Which lead to a bit of a back-and-forth between her and the host.
And Rowling calling Piers out for his support of Donald Trump.
Along with reminding him that her writing beat out Piers' for the British Book Awards.
It all came to a head when Rowling posted a glowing review of herself as one of the world's most influential people.

The problem is, it could very well have been a trap that Rowling laid for old Piersy boy, or a tongue-in-cheek joke. 

Because Morgan pounced on the opportunity to call Rowling out for "humble bragging". The only thing is, he's the one who penned all the Rowling praise.
The best part is, it looks like Morgan had no idea he was the one who wrote the review in the first place.

De-stroyed. This is why you don't mess with J.K. on Twitter.