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Gordon Ramsay Is Reviewing People's Food On Twitter And It's As Brutal As You'd Imagine

Gordon Ramsay is probably the funniest person on television right now — except for the leader of the free world, obviously. He might also be the funniest person on Twitter — with the same exception, of course. You see, people are currently sending him their attempts at making delicious food, and in true Ramsay fashion, he's being anything but kind. 

Just take a look at this exchange.
And there's a lot more where that came from.
So. Damn. Brutal.
This one has got to hurt.
This actually looks like it tasted amazing.
It's his first attempt, surely Gordon will be kind.
Ok, this one deserves it.
My heart hurts just looking at this.
Could have hidden it better.
He doesn't hold any punches.
At all.
A lot of effort went into this one.

This honestly makes Twitter just a little bit more bearable.