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Sean Spicer's St. Patrick's Day Tie Makes The Perfect Green Screen

Anyone who tried making their own 'Shooting Stars' video, or similarly involved memes, has become familiar with the importance of being able to manipulate the color green while on screen. The reason why the color is used by everything from your local news station's weather report to big budget Hollywood movies is that it's about as far as you can get from the color of human skin. Plus, nobody really wears anything that green in public.

Well, almost nobody.

He wore the tie for Saint Patrick's Day, but that didn't stop the Internet from pinching him yet again.

The edit was a great edit. The best edit.
Seeing the potential of this edit, people now want more.
And not just for ol' Spicy.
The tweet spread like wildfire, and was welcomed everywhere it went.
There were favorites.
And now we're all just waiting for Spicer to acknowledge the edit. We know he saw it.

We should put mandatory green ties for all government employees on the ballot of 2018. I  mean why not, right?