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The Starbucks American Cherry Pie Frappuccino Is Here, Complete With Crust

If there's one country that beats America in terms of crazy comfort food, it's Japan. Last year, McDonald's in Japan decided to dump chocolate over their French fries and it turned out to be so amazing that Americans started making their own. 

And now, Starbucks in Japan is beating us at our own game, too. The chain took to Twitter  to announce a new Frappuccino, American Cherry Pie, which comes with crust and all. 

RBB Today reports that the lid is indeed made out of crust. Which sounds delicious, but also helps to get rid of some of that plastic. 

The special Frappuccino goes on sale for a limited time only and will be available from April 13 to May 16. And it's only available in Japan, sadly.

People are pretty excited about the whole thing, while those of us outside of Japan are sad that we won't be getting it.

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