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Couple Accidentally Creates NSFW Optical Illusion Just By Sitting In A Boat

12 months ago

I love a good photo that makes me do a double take, like this one of a girl who appears to have a 6 foot long arm.

Now, that's an innocent example. But as we grow older and sex becomes a larger part of our minds, we tend to look at things differently. And by differently I mean filthily.

Because if you take a quick look at the thumbnail of this photo, you're either a saint or a liar if you told me your mind wasn't in the gutter.

Redditor Summerie uploaded the following picture to r/funny and, well...just see for yourself.

In the thumbnail, you see what appears to be a couple living it up on the water, soaking up the sun, and doing...other things, too.

But if you look closely at the photo, they're just snuggling. But check out this guy's hand placement. Look at the way his fingers are arranged.

Can you honestly blame us for thinking what we know each and every other person was thinking when they first saw this photo?

This Redditor with a super mature username walked us through their thought-process when seeing the photo, which is probably how all of us synthesized it, too.

While others didn't let the shattered illusion of the photo detract from their fun.

That's the Internet for you, folks.