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This Gen-Xer's Heartwarming Advice To Millennials Has Twitter Users In Tears
11 months ago

I feel like the cool thing to do is to bash on millennials. And I love bashing things or people who deserve it.

But when you start hating on an entire generation of "youngsters" because you listened to some rubbish about millennials being lazy, or not wanting to work for a living, or whining about having it too easy, well, then, you're just misinformed.

Which is why writer Tangela Ekhoff's encouraging words to the world's most-maligned generation are so refreshing.

She shared the wholesome message to youngsters encouraging them to embrace their youth.

Her beautiful tweet thread of positivity had people applauding her message.

Things got very huggy, very fast.

Other Gen-Xers chimed in, giving props to Tangela's tweet.

Inspiring stuff.