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'Game Of Thrones' Finally Showed A Dragon In Battle And It Was Well Worth The Wait

A few months back, Game of Thrones show runner David Benioff announced that season 7 would only be seven episodes long, opposed to the usual ten. But they're making up for the short season with extra action. Last night's episode featured a massive battle between the Dothraki horde and Lannister army while Daenerys rained fire from above on the back of Drogon.

Social media users were on the edge of their seats for a solid 15 minutes...

At first, people were naive enough to think that Jaime actually stood a chance.
And then Drogon happened.
As soon as it became apparent that things were going down, no one knew who they were rooting for.
But some people were pretty clear with their allegiances.
Others remembered Olenna Tyrell's advice to Daenerys.
And as much as people love Jaime, they were screaming at their television screens.
And once it was all over, this realization hit everyone like a truck...