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Woman's Boss Gave Her A Zucchini And A Wink, But It Was All A Misunderstanding
8 months ago

Just a heads up to all the older bosses who might not to up to date on the hip lingo the kids use these days, the zucchini and eggplant aren't as innocent as they used to be. In text language, they're now used in the place of another phallic object. A phallic object that could end in a Human Resources violation.  

Twitter user Zoe's boss probably didn't understand the symbolism when they gave her a zucchini and then winked as they walked away. Zoe took to Twitter to share the odd exchange... 

And people immediately suggested that she take it to HR.  

But there's a twist, people. One that Zoe was quick to clarify... 

And Twitter had a pretty good laugh at the whole thing.  

Someone probably needs to tell her boss about emojis...