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26 Beautiful Pictures That Will Make You Want To Plan Your Next Road Trip

I used to hate road trips. I just wanted to get where I needed to be as quickly as possible. I was of the mindset that it is about the destination, and not the journey.

I'm using the past tense here because it has become apparent to me I was just on the wrong road. I mean, they still got me where I needed to go, but they were possibly the most boring road I could have taken. 

Next time I go somewhere I'll be taking one of these roads. Even if it is way out of the way. 

1. That yellow car is going places.
Yosemite National Park [985 x 739] from RoadPorn
2. A bicoastal route.
Atlantic Road, Norway [1927x1927] from RoadPorn
3. Where to?
Highway 40 south, near Hinton AB. [OC][5760x3840] from RoadPorn
4. Check out that horizon.
Road to the Grand Teton, Wyoming. [OC][6012 x 2248] from RoadPorn
5. Even dirt roads lead to beauty
Somewhere in Colorado [3264x2448] [OC] from RoadPorn
6. Can you spot the end?
California 190 (Death Valley NP) [OC] [5184x3456] from RoadPorn
7. Clouds can't hide this beauty.
Photo I took in Sedona, Arizona [6000x4000] from RoadPorn
8. How is this road so open?
I-80 East, Utah [OC] [3840x2560] from RoadPorn
9. What?
E-18 Stathelle, Norway. [1600x2000]. from RoadPorn
10. It's a jungle out there.
Rodovia dos Imigrantes - São Paulo, Brazil [2048x2512] from RoadPorn
11. Is it hot or cold here?
Banff National Park, Canada [2048 x 1190] by Jeff Clow from RoadPorn
12. Same question.
On route to Death Valley, CA [OC][3000x1406] from RoadPorn
13. Where's the rest of that barn?
Farm lands near Joseph, Oregon USA [OC][1499 × 1000] from RoadPorn
14. I spy something that begins with an M.
Highway 97 at the foot of Mt. Shasta, CA [5200x3500] (OC) from RoadPorn
15. How do we get up there?
I took this picture two years ago, while I was passing through Arizona on a road trip. x-post /r/pics [6000x4000] from RoadPorn
16. Just keep going straight.
Crater Lake, Oregon [OC] [5469 × 3646] from RoadPorn
17. Anyone want to go climbing after this drive?
Road in Santa Cruz, Argentina [2048x1162] from RoadPorn
18. Alaska is more than just snow.
Out the road, Juneau, AK [1365x2048][OC] from RoadPorn
19. It's really flat and then really hilly.
Visited Vegas for the first time. This was my favorite picture from the trip. Nevada State Route 156 - Mount Charleston [6016x4000][OC] from RoadPorn
20. A road with all the colors.
Highway 7, Ontario, Canada [OC][3600×2400] from RoadPorn
21. Spooky.
Quick shot leaving HOH Rainforest, Washington. [OC] [4741 × 3161] from RoadPorn
22. Just some nice roadside flowers.
Flores, Açores [6016x4016] [OC] from RoadPorn
23. A chill road trip.
A slice of Montana [OC] [3840x2560] from RoadPorn
24. Imagine seeing this on your morning commute.
Hurricane Ridge Road, Olympic National Park, Washington, USA [OC] [3132x4472] from RoadPorn
25. Roads in Iceland aren't icey. Get it?
Ring Road, Iceland [OC] [6000x4000] from RoadPorn
26. Alas.
All roads end at some point.. Letchworth State Park, NY [OC] [1632x920] from RoadPorn