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Tomi Lahren Tells Fans To ‘Crash Safe Spaces’ In Shirts That Say ‘Stay Triggered, Snowflakes’

Tomi Lahren is a conservative talk show host who, if you ask me, is best known for losing her job on Glenn Beck produced show, The Blaze, after saying the government shouldn't control women's right to an abortion. She is consistently pro-Trump, anti-immigration, and inconsistently ranting about Obamacare, which she benefits from by the way:

Lahren is appealing to many on the Internet. In fact, Lahren has even cornered the market on some specific catchphrases. She loves ranting about "triggering" people with liberal views and calling them "snowflakes." Kind of an ironic title, when this is the whitest thing I've personally ever seen:

That's right, Lahren is now marketing merchandise on her website, so you too can wear her views on your body. A hat costs the same as a shirt, which isn't really reflective of Lahren's views, it just seems weird:

Tomi Lahren

There probably are buyers out there, but the comments from those melting liberals are very salty:

Also, one question Miss "Build That Wall":

Good question.