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Mark Ruffalo Just Accidentally Leaked Part Of 'Thor: Ragnarok,' And Twitter Is Going Crazy

Butt dials can have some pretty humiliating consequences, especially if you're hanging out with another group of friends and the person on the other end hears all sorts of things they're not supposed to hear. Like that it was actually you who ate all of their Count Chocula in the dead of the night and not Jeff. Sorry, Jeff.

But for Oscar-nominated Actor Mark Ruffalo, the implications of a butt dial are a lot more serious than they are for some regular old' schlub like me. Something the actor discovered when he accidentally live-streamed the opening 15 minutes of Thor: Ragnarok film to fans.

Now it was only audio from the movie, but people noticed rather quickly, including the film's director, Taika Waititi.

People really couldn't believe that they were hearing the movie during the premiere of the film, where Ruffalo was obviously in attendance. 

Waititi even tweeted at Marvel to have them do something about Mark's gross negligence.

People found the whole thing hilarious.

Ruffalo eventually realized what was going on, and the camera caught his face when he discovered his mistake.

"Oopsie daisie."

Marvel might be mad at the leak, but honestly, all of this press will only help the movie. And it's not like hearing the first 15 minutes of the film is going to stop anyone from going to the theaters to watch it. So Marvel, listen to Twitter and don't you do a thing to Mark Ruffalo, you hear?!