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Kid Dresses As The Bill From 'Schoolhouse Rock' For Senate Costume Party--And Wins The Internet

If you've ever watched Schoolhouse Rock growing up, there's probably two things you remember about the show.

One, the animation was just downright awful, but still somehow charming in a '70s kinda way. Two, you definitely recall the "I'm just a Bill" song


This droopy-eyed, chilled-out piece of paper gave students a rundown of the United States Legislative system in probably the most effective educational song to date.

And it's nice to see that his message is being remembered by not only adults who were subjected to Schoolhouse Rock, but the children of those adults who had no say in their Halloween costumes.

But when you get a costume as cute and location appropriate as this one as a result, can you really justify complaining about it?

There was a Halloween party held for kids in the Senate and one person got all gussied up as "Bill" from the classic episode.

There probably wasn't a more fitting outfit on the floor.

People obviously took their get-up.

Some wanted to know why the little bill didn't go all the way with their costume.

While others made legislative jokes.

Others thought that his presence might finally spur the senate into actually passing a law, instead of, you know, removing previous ones.