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Grandma Tries To Video Halftime Show And Fails Miserably, But People Love Her For It

There's something undeniably pure about older people using technology...and failing.

Yes, it is a bit demeaning to laugh at them as they struggle to figure out how to properly use their cameras and cell phones and computers. Like this one guy's grandma who uses "please" and "thank you" when asking Google to search something for her.

Every now and then a token grandma or grandpa will pop up on Twitter to steal everyone's hearts as they try to navigate the wacky world of modern consumer tech.

And Twitter user @camcamgarner's grandmother is the latest adorable elder who accidentally documented her tech failings.

People weren't just smitten with her video, but the nice young man who assisted her.

Others preferred her self-recording over whatever it was she was trying to capture on camera.

While others thought that the kind, helping stranger inadvertently blew up her spot.

In any event, when older generations and technology collide, magic can happen.


Like this grandma using her own zoom feature on an iPhone. Just wonderful.