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Twitter User Shares Seemingly Straight-Forward Coffee Riddle, And People Are Baffled

Here's a riddle from twitter user @_herbeautyxo that seems incredibly simple, but will get your brain twisted and craving caffeine in minutes.

Which cup gets the coffee?

I've only had one cup so far today, and it took me awhile to get it. Many bold responders claimed they'd figured it out right away.

But they were denied.

They came back for more.

They were wrong.

"How about this?"


So, if you look closely, this isn't a math puzzle or a maze. It's just a matter of what cup could actually even be reached. Most of the paths are blocked off:

So, the answer is officially five, but if you look closely, it doesn't really seem like there's enough coffee to make it into the cup, right?

Maybe I' overthinking this.

It's five.

I am just going to go order a cappuccino like a normal person and keep mouth shut. Except when drinking coffee.