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Batman Fans Already Have Their Picks For Who Should Replace Ben Affleck In The Films

Batman's the best DC superhero of all time. And if you disagree, then you're wrong. Sorry.


Which is probably why people are always interested in knowing which actor is going to take up the cloak as the caped crusader when one Batman's tenure looms in the future.

And although Ben Affleck has been getting some props for his portrayal of Bruce Wayne (especially after Bale's amazing performances) there's been some talk of Affleck bowing out of the role.

Which got Twitter very interested in offering up some new potential actors to take on the role.

The upcoming standalone Batman adventure film, The Batman, may star Jake Gyllenhaal if director Matt Reeves has his way.

A rumor that got artists to work on mock-ups almost immediately.

Other people started putting in some critical analysis as to who could don the dark cowl.

Twitter users had their own strong opinions as to who Bruce Wayne should really be.

And of course, some people made jokes.

Others made arguments that the character should just be retired.

It sounds like moviegoers are not really clamoring for a Batman movie any time soon, unless pool kid's in it.

#PoolKidBatman. Let's get it trending, folks.