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Someone Offered To Sell Their Walmart Vest To Black Friday Shoppers And People Went Crazy
5 months ago

Thanksgiving's dark side is literally Black Friday. All the love and sharing of the day before goes out the window as people trample and abuse one another to get the sale price on a big screen TV. Emotions are running high, and folks are vulnerable.

Twitter user @OverlyLiked has taken advantage of the pressurized atmosphere with a joke tweet suggesting that someone buy "his" Walmart vest, saunter in on Friday, jump ahead of the crowds as a certified employee, or perhaps even steal gobs of merchandise:

The tweet went wildly viral, because this is an idea that plenty of people think is genius. @OverlyLiked tweeted that it was just a joke and they didn't even have a vest, but that didn't stop people from contacting them with cash offers:

Once folks saw the success of this business proposition they put their own work uniforms up for sale, with varying degrees of jokiness.

And not just Walmart employees, either:

This seems like an incredibly ridiculous idea that would never work, but people were wondering if Walmart was aware of all this planned identity left.

And apparently they are, and they're worried:

So if you're willing to spend money on an old vest and risk jail time, this is the perfect Black Friday scam. Happy "shopping."