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Man Tweets Bizarre Photo And Headline From Magazine—And Twitter Can't Even
4 months ago

If you've somehow avoided the news that Today's Matt Lauer is in utter disgrace after being accused of sexual misconduct in the workplace, I'm sorry you're learning about it here. Lauer has been fired from NBC and is basically in hiding. A number of women have accused him of sexual harassment, and several claim they had affairs with him while they were subordinates at the network. 

As you might guess, people are pretty interested in what's happening to the man they were used to starting their morning with for the last decade or so. That means lots of gossip items about his marriage, which are often published right alongside whatever else is big in the news. Twitter user Dan Hopper caught one particularly weird juxtaposition of the Lauer obsession, as it looks next to the current pop culture mania for The Last Jedi, and of course, porgs:

Wow, Matt Lauer is a sad porg now, and he's married to Daisy Ridley. So many changes in 2017!

People are loving this weird newspaper layout:

Being turned into a character from Star Wars is the best possible thing that could happen to Matt Lauer at this point, so congrats, dude. Though he's really much more like a stormtrooper— he went down hard.