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30 Tweets About How Brutally Cold It Is That Are Too Real

4 months ago

It is cold outside. Maybe you noticed?

As a result many people are opting to stay indoors. Since we can't play games or throw the ball in the house (Mom!!!) people are just goofing off on their computers. Namely, they are all taking to Twitter to complain about the brutal cold. 

So while you're stuck inside huddling next to a radiator, take a moment to appreciate how everyone is going through the same thing. Except for those jerks in Australia.

1. What did we do to deserve this?
2. Wake up, sheeple!
3. Spongebob is the best tool for measuring.
4. Let's turn around.
5. Is it spring yet?
6. Where's the lake?
7. As do we all.
8. Get inside!
9. Monster!
10. OMG! Same!
11. Huh. Who would have thought?
12. Preach!
13. What are you going to do about it?
14. Is it cold or not? Hmm?
15. The Icy City.
16. That's it. The word's over.
17. I won't be working until April.
18. Priorties.
19. Indiana is basically Canada.
20. They should resign!
21. Thanks, Obama.
22. Pretty sure it's cold there too.
23. I don't believe you.
24. How will we manage?
25. We're on our way.
26. Pretty sure that's a polar bear.
27. Let's have a nice warm cold.
28. Would you move back in July?
29. and brace yourselves.
30. Stay safe.