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Chrissy Teigen Roasts List Of Popular Baby Names—And We Have To Agree

Chrissy Teigen is shopping for baby names again, and like many expectant mothers before her, she has unwisely turned to the Internet for answers. Teigen shared a list of unisex baby names that sound like an ingredient list for potpourri. She doesn't seem happy with the options:

Some of these names are cute, but their cumulative effect is bad. Did someone just wander through the woods and point at things they saw? That's one way to choose a human's name, I guess, but you might end up with a family of Stumps and Brushfires. At least this list provided joke material for everyone.

The potheads:

The punheads and How I Met Your Mother fans:

And folks who can't see the forest for the baby names:

But the best responses are from the weirdoes who seem to sincerely think Chrissy Teigen will take their suggestions for the name of her unborn child seriously:

This is a heavy responsibility. With a last name like "Legend," you really need a strong first name. Destiny?