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Chrissy Teigen Roasts List Of Popular Baby Names—And We Have To Agree
4 months ago

Chrissy Teigen is shopping for baby names again, and like many expectant mothers before her, she has unwisely turned to the Internet for answers. Teigen shared a list of unisex baby names that sound like an ingredient list for potpourri. She doesn't seem happy with the options:

Some of these names are cute, but their cumulative effect is bad. Did someone just wander through the woods and point at things they saw? That's one way to choose a human's name, I guess, but you might end up with a family of Stumps and Brushfires. At least this list provided joke material for everyone.

The potheads:

The punheads and How I Met Your Mother fans:

And folks who can't see the forest for the baby names:

But the best responses are from the weirdoes who seem to sincerely think Chrissy Teigen will take their suggestions for the name of her unborn child seriously:

This is a heavy responsibility. With a last name like "Legend," you really need a strong first name. Destiny?