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This Little Girl Likes Cutting The Faces Off Dolls And Twitter Is Freaking Out

This Little Girl Likes Cutting The Faces Off Dolls And Twitter Is Freaking Out
4 months ago

I came from a family that had some interesting ideas on what was deemed "OK" that you may be able to understand.

See, there was no issue with me watching super graphic scenes of violence in action films. The film Predator, for example, could be viewed by the entire family.

Scenes of unrivaled brutality that contained charming vignettes such as this one (it should autoplay at 2:48).

Now I would watch people being dismembered. I could also see them getting their heads blown off, getting drowned in toilets, impaled, burned alive, thrown into jet engines and helicopter blades and all of that was fine. But heaven forbid a kiss, or breast, or sex scene popped up on that TV screen, because I'd get in tons of trouble if it did. As if I directed the movie!

So, unsurprisingly, my folks had no problem with me watching Hannibal in the movie theater, and that movie featured a man who gets drugged and is convinced to cut his own face off. 

Which is immediately what I thought of when I saw how Twitter user @sassykattx's younger sister plays with her dolls.

In case you're wondering what you're looking at, that's a doll that's wearing the face of another doll.

Katelynn's younger sister cuts faces off of her toys and puts them on other dolls.

Her victims had no idea what was coming to them.

Imagine this poor little thing ambling around Woody and Buzz in that scene from Toy Story?

Katelynn assured everyone on Twitter who was freaking out over her little sis's strange doll obsession that the child was, in fact, not a budding serial killer.

People began offering helpful potential career paths for the little girl.

Others were reminded of an exquisite scene from The Office.

While others got the same idea as I did and immediately thought of the creepy kid from the Pixar classic that started it all.

There were a lot of users who weren't necessarily calmed down by Katelynn's assurances, however.

And speaking of Hannibal Lecter...

Hopefully Katelynn's younger sister grows up to use her obsession with removing faces for good.