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Everyone Is Freaking Out Over These South Korean Dancers At The Olympics

The Olympics in PyeongChang have begun! The Opening Ceremony is always a fun time, as every country floods a huge stadium in their color-coordinated outfits while waving a flag. That could probably be the whole show and it would still be cool, but host countries always try to do something special and different with their light show. In South Korea this year, the center of the stadium has the entering country's flag projected in its center, like this:

But that circle is not defined by a fence, or burning torches. It's surrounded by dancers who are working it:

The dancers are keeping in sync as every single country enters, in the freezing cold.

Their moves are truly transcendent:

They even brought in South Korea's signature move, Gangnam Style:

Which, weirdly, is what Team USA walked out to. You can see the dancers supporting them in the background here. But they SHOULD be the center of attention!

Though it's also how things opened:

They're Gangnam Styling all night. Frankly, people are impressed by the level of athleticism required from the Circle:

You don't go to the Olympics unless you've got stamina. Hold me closer, tiny dancers.