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People Are Celebrating Pun Day With Their Best Puns And They're Still Pretty Bad
2 months ago

Across the United Kingdom on Monday, citizens who I assume are usually decent people have delved into the dark world of making puns. It's a dangerous road to Dad Humor, but people have leapt on #UKPunDay with a vengeance. Even respectable networks, like BBC Earth, are taking part:

Even one bad pun sets off a chain reaction of even worse puns.

Oh god. Do you see what I'm talking about?

And there's lots, lots more:

Okay, I smiled at this one:

But groaned at a bunch more:

Even the post office is getting involved. Don't you have packages to deliver?

And the news!

They can't stop:

I'd sign off with a pun, but I'm terrible at them. Yes...I was just jealous all along. I'm simply not punny.