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Everyone Is Laughing At How Ridiculous These Gender Reveal Cakes Are

Parents are naturally excited about who the person they're creating is going to be. Any detail is made much of, but basically all you know before the kid is born is the fetal sex. In many places, notions of gender are changing, and some parents are not forcing their kids to comply to a specific gender based on their chromosomes. But not in many places.

In fact, many parents try to force gender roles on their babies before they've even taken a breath of air. Twitter user Onson Sweemey tweeted a collection of gender reveal cakes—these are cakes that parents cut to reveal the sex of their baby, either to one another or their guests at a baby shower. They're usually a specific color—blue or pink—on the inside to indicate whether the baby is a boy or girl. And some of the metaphors used are pretty wild.

Are kids actually inanimate household objects?


People unfamiliar with gender reveal cakes were pretty astounded by this collection, especially Upworthy writer Parker Molloy, who went on a bit of a scavenger hunt for the weirdest ones they could find. There are a lot:

Then it just became a celebration of sex cake party:

Then there are a bunch of cakes that are literally just...the babies themselves. And where they're coming from.

Poor mom:

There was some brainstorming for alternate cakes you might serve at a baby shower if you wanna be a real freak:

Forget gender. Who will help me raise the Antichrist?!

Here's a few more cakes we were able to find....

Gender reveal cake from gaming
Gender reveal cake for a baby shower (1520x1520) (OC)
Gender reveal cake - chocolate cake and vanilla buttercream. from Baking
I made the cake and cupcakes for a baby gender reveal party. The inside icing of the cake was blue for a boy!
Gender reveal cake for my friend
Saw a very VERY infuriating gender reveal cake on instagram
Picture of the cake we had for gender reveal party!! from BabyBumps
I see your finding out your baby's gender at a restaurant, and raise you cutting the baby cake to reveal pink or blue!

Those ones were actually pretty cool.